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Legal Advocacy For Sexual Harassment Victims in Upland, CA

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If you’ve been sexually harassed, its understandable that you may be feeling a whirlpool of emotions. Unfortunately, countless people have suffered the consequence of harassment alone and in silence, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The law in California provides legal protections and recourse for victims, and Hannemann Law Firm is here to help.

Since 1993, sexual harassment claim lawyer Brian Hannemann has been supporting and advocating for survivors of sexual harassment. Through his dedication to this field of legal practice, he has championed the rights and dignity of Upland, California community members.

Below, you can learn more about Hannemann Law Firm’s work as a resource for survivors of sexual harassment and find answers to some of the most common questions our prospective clients…

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What Qualifies As Sexual Harassment in California?

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Upland California

Sexual harassment can be complicated to define explicitly because it can take so many different forms. Whether you experience harassment from a coworker, supervisor, or client, it’s crucial that you are supported and have resources to enforce your rights and safety.

Sexual harassment doesn’t only include “sexual” acts. Rather, harassment can involve offenses based on sexual and gender identity, race and ethnicity, stereotypes, and more.

Some examples of behavior that may be considered as sexual harassment may include:

Comments and treatment that are teasing, intimidating, or offensive.

Vulgar or explicit joking and conversations. (This may be considered harassment even if it is not aimed directly at you. For example, if a woman hears a group of male coworkers discussing sexually explicit acts within earshot.)

The use of slurs that are directly correlated to gender or sexual orientation.

Unwanted physical contact. (This can include anything from kissing, touching clothing, physically blocking a path, and more.)

Spreading gossip or inappropriately discussing details regarding someone’s sexuality, sexual habits, or personal relationships.

Sharing or displaying messages or images of sexual content.

And more…

If you are experiencing any of the harassment mentioned above, or if you are experiencing other forms of harassment, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney at our firm for a complimentary case consultation today.

What Are My Legal Options If I’ve Been Sexually Harassed in Upland, California?

Federal laws prohibit workplace sexual harassment in any business – and California sexual harassment laws protect all workers, including unpaid volunteers, contractors, and more.

It’s important to remember that the state of California recognizes that a victim of sexual harassment can be any person of any gender. So whether you are a man or woman being harassed by a coworker due to your sexuality, or you are gender-nonconforming and facing gender-based harassment, your rights are protected under the law.

Understanding your legal options can be a confusing process on your own, especially since the facts of your case are entirely unique to you. Therefore, the best way to find out your best options moving forward is to speak with an attorney.

Before you contact an attorney, you might take a moment to read the following so that you know your rights…

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What Happens In A California Sexual Harassment Case?

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Upland California

What Happens In A California Sexual Harassment Case?
Each case is unique, and the steps you will choose to take moving forward will be yours to make. Our Upland, CA firm is here to provide support and information for every client in a way that empowers them to take the action they want. Therefore, our goal is to ensure that you have the resources and fierce legal representation that you need to achieve your ideal case outcome.

Hannemann Law Firm provides expertise in sexual harassment punishment law, so you don’t have to worry about being unnecessarily blindsided by how your case progresses. Instead, we will take the time to go over all of your questions and concerns so that you can feel fully informed and considered at every step of the way.

Wondering How Can A Sexual Harassment Lawyer Help? Get Started Today!

If you are struggling with sexual harassment, don’t hesitate to contact Hannemann Law Firm today. We are standing by, ready to use nearly twenty years of experience to advocate for you.

To schedule your free consultation, you can reach our office in Upland, CA, by calling (909) 833-8999 or visiting our client contact page here. We look forward to speaking with you.

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