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“Mr. Hannemann is always there when you need him. Excellent on the legal process and quick to get your needs met. Brian has helped me on several cases. What a experience! Well done! I have recommended Mr. Hannemann to many.”
Paul K.

“Brian Hannemann and his team represented me in a case involving pregnancy discrimination. I really liked working with Brian. He would make me feel at ease and comfortable during the process. If I needed to refer him to others I certainly would.”
Vanessa A.

“Brian was compassionate, straightforward, and forceful. He gets things done and is thorough. Brian stood up for me and was very communicative.”
Tabitha J.

“I have always been extremely skeptical of lawyers, that they never really care about their clients. I was wrong. Brian Hannemann helped me with my case and worked hard for it. He was very reassuring, answered all of my questions, even if I asked the same one over and over. I can say that I am happy that I had him as my lawyer, he is one of the reasons as to why my perspective on lawyers has changed for the better and raises the bar on what lawyers should achieve to be like.”
Rubi C.

“Great attorney. Very kind and honest. Would hire again.”
Jennifer B.

“First I give all Glory to GOD.

To My Four Attorneys,
That GOD called by Name
Role call from our Father GOD,
Brian Hannahman, Mark, Johnatha, Zake.

These 4 Tremendous Men of GOD, saved my sanity calmed my sprit when I was weary when I had no one to turn to.
GOD sent Brian to me I prayed and prayed I was lost.

Thank you Jesus for the fabulous 4 Men.

Thanks, Brian Mark Jonathan Zake.”
Sandra W.

“The whole experience with Brian Hannemann was good. He helped me with every step during the process and he explained every detail which made it smooth and easy.”

“Brian and his team are awesome. They answer all my questions and are very easy to talk to. Brian is very aggressive and fought for my case and my rights with passion.

I am very satisfied with my results. I never thought my case would go this way and was reluctant to even pursue it.

I would recommend Brian and his team to anyone. They are the best people to work with and they are always on your side.”
Kayla S.

“The experience working with Brian and his team was very easy. They make sure you understand and work hard to get you what you deserve.

I am satisfied with the results because things are going to be changing for the good of not only myself, but for others as well.

I would recommend Brian and the team to others because he is very professional, respectful, and takes the time to make sure you are in good understanding of what is happening.”
Rachael R.

“Brian and the team worked very hard to settle our case. They made sure we were satisfied. Working for my employer, I lost so much. I’m very happy I have recovered what I lost and can move forward in life after all the hard work Brian and his team put into this case.

I would recommend Brian and his team to anyone with legal issues with their employer because he is very good at what he does. He and his team work hard to make his customers satisfied.”
Yahira G.

“Brian and his team were extremely helpful and answered every question I had. I am satisfied with my results because Brian and his team fought for me and encouraged me. I would recommend Brian and the team to others, because he goes above and beyond to get what you deserve.”
Rubi R.

“My experience with Brian and his team was very great. They made this very difficult situation much easier and definitely put my mind at ease when it came to resolving my case. I feel very satisfied with the process and resolution and don’t think anyone else could have done a better job. Thank you!”
Christa B.

“I am extremely satisfied with my results, and I can’t imagine a better outcome. I am absolutely grateful I pursued this journey with Brian and his team. I would absolutely recommend Brian to anyone who needs a positive resolution. The process was as easy as possible, and he made me feel very comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Anyone working with Brian and his team is in great hands!”
A Satisfied Client

“The whole experience with Brian Hannemann was good. He helped me with every step during the process and he explained every detail which made it smooth and easy.”
Bianca R.

“He is very supportive and caring. He listened to me and wanted to get me exactly what I needed and wanted. He was always there for me and gave great advice on what I deserved.”
Rubi C.

“Brian was compassionate and he was straight forward and forceful. He got things done and was thorough, he stood up for me and went above and beyond and was very communicative.”
Tabitha J.

“Brian Hannemann was a personable attorney, and helped me when I needed anything. All around it was a very positive and pleasant experience.”
Richard D.

“I liked the overall engagement with Attorney Hannemann and he made feel extremely comfortable and he was timely and had great rapport. I would say the entire experience for me was positive.”
Sana S.

“I really liked working with Brian. He made me feel at ease and comfortable during the process, and if I needed to refer him to others I certainly would.”
Vanessa A.

“I am in the legal field, myself, and know a good (or bad) attorney when I meet one. I interviewed four top-tier Labor Law attorneys, referred by trusted sources, each of whom wanted my Sexual Harassment/Unlawful Discrimination/Retaliation/Wrongful Termination case. I chose Brian Hannemann because he was the most confident, qualified, understanding, and fee-justified. His phone voice, alone, told me he meant business and that he was going to put the Defendants in their deserved place, from day one. He asked questions that the other three attorneys never thought to ask, and laid out an absolutely brilliant strategy that exposed Defendants’ weaknesses and used them in our favor. What I had thought was a narrow-scope case was actually a broad-scope, multi-count case with substantially more value than I had initially thought. After consulting with Brian, I researched case law and code and found that he was correct on every point discussed.

Brian’s confidence, professionalism, and sense of humor are reassuring during a challenging and demoralizing time. With respect to Defendants’ dirty tricks, Brian has extreme confidence, hilarious one-liners, and contingency plans. He has even done his homework on each individual player!

Brian’s fee agreement is fair better than the other attorneys and he works much harder to earn it. He doesn’t nickel and dime for up-front costs; he even credits the attorney’s fee award against his contingency fee (unheard of!). He doesn’t have a bunch of shark partners or exorbitant overhead; he will work the case and patiently wait for the result. He is attentive and detail-oriented on a micro level and strategizes on a macro level. He clearly loves his work and puts the client’s interests ahead of his own. In person, he has a clean-cut, professional appearance and commanding presence. His materials are high-quality; his legal writing is brilliant and accurate, legally and grammatically (I’m really picky!).

I will recommend Brian Hannemann ALL DAY LONG.”
A Satisfied Client

“Attentive, thorough, and a brilliant strategist. Always returned my calls quickly. Very caring and personable, yet PERFECTLY aggressive at the same time. Tells you like it is, good or bad. He gives the bad guys and insurance companies an education in law!

As a survivor of a sexual assault at the workplace by my own boss, the situation could not have been more horrible. Brian came in and was my champion from moment one. I’ve heard others complain of lawyers not returning calls, having paralegals do all the work, endless things to get more money. Brian is the exact opposite, his personal attention is unheard of and his ethics unmatched. Now I call him for referrals and advice on any legal matter I have. I really can’t say enough great things about him. All I can say is Thank You, Brian, for being one in a million!”

“Brian is the best lawyer I have come across. He works hard for the best result, does not overcharge his clients, tells you like it is whether good or bad, is very approachable, answers all questions, knows the law, and he does not take any ____ from opposing counsel.”
A Satisfied Client

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