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San Dimas Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann has been providing clients in Los Angeles County and Southern California with effective representation for more than 20 years. If you are looking for experienced and reliable counsel in a workplace discrimination or in a sexual harassment matter, please contact our law firm.

When sexual harassment takes place at work, it can result in helpless feelings and devastating emotional impacts. We believe in holding accountable those individuals who are responsible for such reprehensible actions. Our respected Employment Discrimination Attorney Brian Hannemann charges no fees until attaining favorable results in your behalf. Call our law office to schedule a no-fee initial consultation.

Our San Dimas sexual harassment attorney and employment discrimination lawyer has been taking a stand for employee rights for many years. Mr. Hannemann is a skilled employment discrimination attorney who works diligently for employee justice. If you are being targeted by unlawful workplace discrimination or have experienced it in the past, please contact our law firm soon to discuss your potential case with seasoned litigator and negotiator Attorney Brian Hannemann.

When employees are subjected to the contemptible, unacceptable practice of workplace sexual harassment, our employment law attorney takes action to hold the responsible party accountable and ensure justice is properly served. Our San Dimas sexual harassment law firm cares about gaining clients favorable judgments and settlements as well as the highest financial compensation possible.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

The law defines sexual harassment as including many types of behavior and can be carried out by virtually any type of perpetrator. Sexual harassment can also happen in any industry. Activities that can be construed as sexual harassment include demanding favors of a sexual nature in exchange for workplace benefits, hours, or pay; touching that is unwelcome; making sexual comments; obscene gesturing; distributing or displaying sexually explicit emails, pictures, or other materials; impeding an individual’s movement; using language or actions that target gender, marital status, or sexual orientation; and more. Sexual harassment may be committed by a male or female upon individuals of the same sex or the opposite sex.

Since by law employers must provide an environment free of sexual harassment and other illegal discrimination, they can be held accountable if such activities take place. If a vendor, coworker, supervisor, director, independent contractor, or other individuals sexually harass or discriminate in the workplace, there may be valid grounds to hold the employer financially liable.

If you are experiencing this type of situation at your place of work, please call our workplace discrimination lawyer and San Dimas sexual harassment lawyer. Our law firm provides aggressive legal counsel and representation in these cases, whether the harassment or discrimination is currently happening or has taken place in the past. If you believe you may have a case, contact Hannemann Law Firm to make an appointment for a consultation. We do not charge for the first consultation. At our law firm, we are dedicated to attaining justice in behalf of those victimized at work.

Safeguarding the Sexually Harassed | San Dimas, California

San Dimas Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann and his law firm are advocates for those experiencing sexual harassment. We make it our goal to see that the law against such behavior is upheld. Our workplace discrimination attorney takes critical actions to ensure those guilty are held accountable and that those victimized are compensated to the highest degree possible. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon, please call on Hannemann Law Firm so we can work to gain justice for you.

Our employment lawyer and San Dimas sexual harassment attorney has a reputation for not backing down during a case. We believe that if anyone creates a situation that compels an employee to choose between their job and rejecting sexual harassment, the responsible party should be legally pursued to the full extent of the law for such appalling behavior. We diligently pursue justice in behalf of clients, whether the company involved is small or quite large. Our tenacity and integrity have gained our practice many positive settlements and judgments.

At our San Dimas sexual harassment law firm, we are proud to have a reputation for two decades of positive results and reliable representation. Employment Law Lawyer and Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann diligently provide skilled representation to every client. He personally handles each case without ever passing it over to a less-qualified colleague.

For us, the goal in every case is gaining the highest monetary compensation to empower and gain justice for clients. To that end, we make sure to employ good client communication. We return phone calls quickly and pass along any new case developments to the client.

Consult with a Skilled San Dimas Sexual Harassment Lawyer

In the event that you have unfortunately been subjected to sexually explicit behavior or comments, unwelcome touching, or other questionable or harassing conduct, call our sexual harassment attorney and San Dimas employment attorney. We can be reached by calling (909) 833-8999, or you may use our online case evaluation page. When you use this form, we will carefully review the details of your situation and then contact you in order to schedule a no-fee consultation.


If you are driving from the area around San Dimas City Hall to visit Hannemann Law Firm, first go east on East Bonita Avenue. Take a right at South San Dimas Canyon Road. Then go left at Arrow Highway. Turn right at North White Avenue. When you come to West McKinley Avenue, turn left. Enter the 10 East. Use the Euclid Avenue exit. At North Euclid Avenue, go left. At East 9th Street, turn right and go through one roundabout. We are at 123 East 9th Street, on your right.

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