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Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment LawyerRancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann fights for the rights of sexual harassment victims throughout the Inland Empire and all of Southern California. He is an experienced Employment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Lawyer who offers aggressive legal representation and works zealously to achieve legal justice for each client.

If you’ve endured sexual harassment at work, contact Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann for skilled legal counsel. We are a Sexual Harassment Law Firm, and we understand these kinds of frightening, degrading situations like yours. We are here to assist you by creating a successful resolution so you can move forward with your life.

As a seasoned trial attorney and a tenacious negotiator, Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann is experienced at handling many types of cases involving sexual harassment issues and employment law matters. He will work diligently to secure the highest possible compensation in your case. He has achieved many high-dollar settlements and judgments for his clients over the years.

Call Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian G. Hannemann at (909) 833-8999 if you have suffered sexual harassment. You will learn how to take steps to stop your rights from being violated at work. Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Lawyer Hannemann sees clients during initial consultations free of charge. In this confidential meeting, you can freely discuss this sensitive matter, and Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann will offer you trusted advice. Our clients are not asked to pay lawyer’s fees unless a recovery is secured on their behalf.

Help for Victims of Sexual Harassment

Workplace Sexual Harassment can take many forms from inappropriate sexual advances, unwanted touching, obscene gestures and language, suggestive remarks, demands for any sexual act, to conduct which is offensive in nature and negatively affects another’s work performance. If these unlawful actions persist, your employer can be held legally liable.

Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann can bring legal actions for sexual harassment against all involved persons, including work associates, supervisors, managers, vendors, directors, and independent contractors. Sexual harassment can also create a hostile work environment that can severely impact your life. As an experienced Workplace Discrimination Attorney, Mr. Hannemann understands workplace dynamics and how sexual harassment can demoralize a person and cause psychological harm in addition to financial insecurity.

If you have suffered this treatment on the job, the experience of a skilled Sexual Harassment Lawyer is critical to your situation. Certain actions need to be taken within a scheduled timeframe in order to ensure a successful legal resolution to the matter. At our Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Law Firm, Mr. Hannemann has fought aggressively for victims of harassment since 1993. Having a thorough understanding of sexual harassment law and employment law, Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann has achieved a significant and successful record in workplace discrimination and sexual harassment cases.

Identify Sexual Harassment in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann understands the difficulties facing individuals who are suffering sexual harassment at work. You may be dealing with the fear of facing certain situations every day you are at work. Are you afraid to speak up because your position at the company might be jeopardized? Have you been threatened with a demotion or reduction in benefits if you do not go along with what is happening? We want you to know that you do have other options. Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann will work closely with you to develop strategies which will lead to the best results possible in your case.

Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Lawyer and Employment Law Attorney Hannemann works zealously to help employees as they face employers when workplace discrimination situations are not corrected. Everyone deserves fair treatment at work. Employees should have access to a workplace that is free from any form of sexual harassment or misconduct. You shouldn’t have to be fearful when going to work as you try to earn a living to support yourself and your family through lawful employment. Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann is a ferocious litigator who pursues justice in sexual harassment cases.

In businesses both large and small, Employment Discrimination Lawyer Hannemann vigorously represents clients with sexual harassment issues secure positive results.

Offering personalized services, Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Discrimination Attorney Hannemann keeps clients up-to-date with case developments and prompt responses to inquiries. He will not let your case be handled by a lesser qualified associate. It is with close attention to detail and high quality legal services that Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann brings legal action to effectively protect his clients’ rights to a workplace free of harassment.

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If your job has been affected by inappropriate sexual conduct, contact Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann. Please fill out our Sexual Harassment Case Evaluation Form or call our office at (909) 833-8999. You can schedule a free consultation with our skilled Employment Law Lawyer to discuss your sexual harassment matter today.

Sexual harassment should not have to be tolerated at work! Our sexual harassment law firm is an aggressive legal advocate who can obtain justice for you. Contact Rancho Cucamonga Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann for legal assistance!

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