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Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann fights aggressively to protect women and men who have experienced this kind of discrimination at work. With extensive experience as a sexual harassment law firm, the Hannemann Law Firm zealously advocates for victims in Ontario, the Inland Empire, and throughout communities in Southern California.

Ontario Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann understands how this degrading and frightening situation can devastate your life. With more than 20 years’ experience, Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann is determined to achieve the highest compensation and level of justice that his clients deserve. He has a proven record of securing high dollar settlements and judgments.

Call our office at (909) 833-8999 if you’ve experienced this type of workplace discrimination. Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann offers a free initial consultation to discuss your issues. As a sexual harassment law firm serving clients in Ontario, California, our Workplace Discrimination Attorneys accept these cases on contingency. There is no attorney fee until a settlement/judgment is recovered for your case.

How to Identify Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual Harassment is a form of workplace discrimination which may be carried out against both women and men by either sex. This can include unwanted advances, touching, obscene remarks, suggestive comments, offensive verbal or physical conduct, or requests of sexual favors.

Any person who violates the law in this way can be held legally accountable, whether it is a manager, co-worker, director, supervisor, independent contractor, or third-party vendor. If your work performance has suffered because of offensive behavior or language, these laws may also apply.

If you or a loved one has been victimized in this way at work, please contact Ontario Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann for experienced legal advice. There are certain steps that must be taken in order to preserve your rights in this situation. Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Brian Hannemann has a deep understanding of this field of law and has been securing favorable results for clients since 1993.

A Skilled Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Help You!

Ontario Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann has worked hard to uphold the belief that everyone has the right to fair treatment at work. He has never shied away from an employment rights case. Forcing an employee to endure any form of misconduct is unacceptable. Employment Law Attorney Hannemann has a ferocious litigation instinct which drives him to pursue justice for workplace discrimination victims regardless of the size of business he is up against.

Employment Attorney Hannemann offers high quality counsel and vigorously pursues all claims of workplace harassment while achieving positive results to benefit his clients. We invite you to contact our office and arrange for a confidential meeting with Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian G. Hannemann. He will offer you skilled legal advice regarding which course of action is best for your situation. Our law firm is dedicated to keeping clients updated and informed as developments occur on their case.

As an Employment Lawyer, Mr. Hannemann has offered personalized services for clients in Ontario and throughout communities in Southern California for more than two decades. Our clients will not be handed off to another attorney and all client communications are returned promptly. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann understands how devastating this experience has been. It’s time for you to seek help and move on with your life!

Call an Experienced Sexual Harassment Law Firm for Ontario, CA

When you’ve been the victim of discrimination in the workplace, you may not know where to turn for help. Call Ontario Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann for aggressive and experienced legal representation. Complete our Case Evaluation Form and we will contact you. For direct access, call our office at (909) 833-8999 to arrange for your consultation with an experienced Workplace Discrimination Attorney.

Employment Lawyer Hannemann serves individuals in Ontario, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and in communities throughout Southern California. If your rights were violated, contact Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann for skilled legal assistance today!

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