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Montclair Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann provides aggressive, experienced legal representation for individuals who’ve suffered sexual harassment in the workplace.

As a skilled negotiator and seasoned trial lawyer, Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann understands that you may be feeling helpless and frightened if you’ve experienced sexual harassment. The degrading effects of this illegal workplace discrimination can have a lasting emotional impact on your life.

At the Sexual Harassment Law Firm of Employment Lawyer Brian Hannemann, we have been helping individuals for over 20 years by fighting for justice as tenacious legal advocates for clients in Montclair and throughout communities in Southern California. We have secured numerous settlements with high dollar values.

If you’ve been harassed sexually at work, you need the guidance of a skilled Sexual Harassment Lawyer who will go after the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Call (909) 833-8999 to schedule your free consultation with Montclair Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann. We take sexual harassment and workplace discrimination cases on contingency; our clients do not pay attorney fees until recovery is achieved on their behalf.

Help for Sexual Harassment Victims in Montclair, California

Mr. Hannemann believes that no person should have to suffer sexual misconduct as they are trying to do their job and earn the wages necessary to support their family. Montclair Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Law Lawyer Hannemann will take legal action against any employer, whatever the size, to seek justice on your behalf!

Sexual Harassment takes many forms and has a broad definition according to the law. It includes a wide range of sexually suggestive gestures, remarks, and actions such as touching. Both men and women can be victims of this crime, just as either men or women can be the perpetrators. The victim and the person carrying out the acts of sexual abuse can be the same sex.

The employer may be liable for sexual harassment which is committed by co-workers, managers, directors, supervisors, vendors, independent contractors.

If you have been suffering this degrading treatment at work, it is critical for you to get advice and representation from a skilled, aggressive Montclair Sexual Harassment Attorney. Mr. Hannemann will take the time to explain your rights and lay out a plan of action on what must be completed before legal action can continue.

Montclair Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann has a reputation for never backing away from a case. He will vigorously fight to achieve favorable results for you!

Mr. Hanemann has practiced law and served clients in Montclair since 1993, and is an accomplished Employment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Attorney. He offers clients the highest quality of legal representation by never delegating his clients to lesser qualified associates. Our clients are updated as their case progresses, and phone calls and emails are promptly addressed.

Contact our Skilled Montclair Sexual Harassment Attorney today!

Whether your case involves explicit comments, inappropriate touches, or any other form of sexual harassment, Employment Discrimination Lawyer Brian Hannemann can help you! Please call Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann at (909) 833-8999 or complete our Sexual Harassment Case Evaluation Form and make arrangements for an in-person, complimentary meeting.

Montclair Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann provides skilled legal representation for clients working and living in Southern California communities throughout Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. If you are looking for a Sexual Harassment Attorney who is committed to fighting like a determined pit bull in order to protect your legal rights, call Hannemann Law Firm and find out how we can help achieve justice for you!

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