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La Verne Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann serves individuals in L.A. County and across Southern California with experienced counsel and representation for workplace discrimination and sexual harassment matters.

As a respected and effective employment discrimination attorney, Lawyer Brian Hannemann represents harassment cases on contingency. Our La Verne sexual harassment law firm charges no fees until reaching a favorable outcome in behalf of the client. Contact Hannemann Law Firm today to schedule a no-charge consultation.

La Verne Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann has been standing up for employee rights for over 20 years. Also a knowledgeable employment discrimination lawyer, Mr. Hannemann zealously fights to gain justice for employees who have suffered unlawful discrimination in the workplace. Call our law office to talk with a proven trial attorney and skilled negotiator for your case.

Have you been subjected to sexual harassment at work? Employment Law Lawyer Hannemann takes the necessary action to pursue the responsible party and get clients the maximum financial compensation due.

What is Sexual Harassment?

The definition of sexual harassment includes many behaviors that can be instigated by many perpetrators. It can also occur in any type of industry. It can consist of suggestive or obscene gesturing, making sexual remarks, unwelcome touching, and other behaviors. Such harassment can be inflicted upon individuals of the opposite or same sex, and the victim and perpetrator can be either male or female.

The law requires employers to provide a work environment that is free from discrimination and sexual harassment. In the event that coworkers, vendors, independent contractors, supervisors, directors, or other individuals engage in harassment or discrimination in the workplace, the employer could be held responsible in a financial and legal sense.

If you suspect unlawful behavior is occurring at your job, contact La Verne Sexual Harassment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Attorney Hannemann. At our law firm, we provide effective, aggressive legal representation and counsel for those experiencing workplace sexual harassment currently or who have experienced it in the past. If this is your situation, please contact our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your case. We are ready to answer questions and help clients fight for justice.

Protecting the Sexually Harassed | La Verne, California

La Verne Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian G. Hannemann advocates for individuals who have been sexually harassed. The law states that no one should be treated in such a manner, and we at Hannemann Law Firm agree completely. Our law firm and workplace discrimination lawyer decisively take action against any employer who may be guilty of infringing upon employee rights. Our priority is obtaining justice for clients who were subjected to this type of despicable and illegal behavior.

Employment Attorney and La Verne Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann is known for never backing down in an harassment case. If an individual has been put in the position of having to choose between rejecting sexual harassment or earning a living, we believe in pursuing the employer to the full limit, whether the company is large or small. Mr. Hannemann’s diligence in pursuing justice has gained him many favorable judgments and settlements.

As a La Verne Sexual Harassment Law Firm that has been serving clients for 20 years, we are proud of our reputation for reliable representation and positive results. Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Law Attorney Hannemann offers knowledgeable representation and counsel, never handing cases over to lesser-qualified professionals.

Our goal in each case is gaining the maximum financial compensation in order to empower clients and achieve justice. Our law firm practices good client communication by returning telephone calls and emails promptly. We also advise them of any new case developments in a timely manner.

Consultation with our Skilled La Verne Sexual Harassment Attorney

In the event that you have experienced distasteful comments, sexually explicit actions, inappropriate touching, and/or other unlawful behavior at your place of work, please contact our La Verne employment lawyer and sexual harassment lawyer. Attorney Brian Hannemann can be reached at (909) 833-8999 or by submitting a completed online case evaluation form. After we review your information, we will contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation.


When driving from La Verne City Hall to visit our law firm, begin by going north on D Street. Turn right onto Foothill Boulevard. Turn right onto North Euclid Avenue. Then take a left at East 9th Street. After going through one roundabout, our office will be on the right, at 123 East 9th Street.

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