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Chino Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Discrimination Attorney Brian G. Hannemann provides knowledgeable legal representation to individuals in the San Bernardino County area and beyond who have been sexually harassed or discriminated against at their place of employment.

Chino Workplace Discrimination Attorney Hannemann and our Sexual Harassment Law Firm have fought for the rights of sexually harassed employees for more than two decades. Chino Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian Hannemann and our law firm understand the helpless feeling and emotional impact that can accompany sexual harassment, as well as the effect it can have on one’s personal and professional life.

Call (909) 833-8999 to reach Chino Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian G. Hannemann and make your appointment for a free consultation at our Sexual Harassment Law Firm.

As an experienced litigator and negotiator, Chino Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann is devoted to obtaining justice for clients and has built up a record of favorable judgments and settlements in his cases.

In the event that this kind of illegal harassment has occurred at your place of employment, be sure to enlist the assistance of a skilled Sexual Harassment Lawyer and Employment Law Attorney. Chino Employment Discrimination Lawyer and Chino Sexual Harassment Attorney Hannemann is tenacious in pursuing the maximum compensation you are due for your employer’s unlawful behavior.

At our Sexual Harassment Law Firm, we accept all harassment and workplace discrimination cases on contingency. You will not pay any attorney’s fees until we obtain a favorable judgment or settlement on your behalf.

Defining Sexual Harassment

The law defines sexual harassment in a broad manner. As a type of workplace discrimination, it can happen in any kind of industry and may include unwanted touching, sexual remarks, obscene actions, or suggestive gestures. Both men and women can be targets of sexual harassment, and either sex can be the perpetrator of it.

The law requires that employers keep the workplace environment free from illegal discrimination and sexual harassment. If they do not, they can be held financially and legally responsible for any incidents of such harassment that their directors, managers, supervisors, co-workers, vendors, or independent contractors commit.

In the event that you have experienced harassment at your place of work, call Chino Employment Discrimination Lawyer and Chino Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann for skilled advice and counsel. Attorney Hannemann will answer your questions and help you take legal action on your lawsuit, guiding you through step by step.

Help for Victims of Sexual Harassment | Chino, California

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann is an aggressive advocate for those victimized by this type of harassment and believes no one should have to be the object of illegal sexual misconduct. Those in the workforce supporting their families should not need to fear such illegal behavior. Chino Sexual Harassment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Hannemann will take immediate action to pursue any employer that infringes upon employee rights.

Chino Sexual Harassment Attorney and Employment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann has built a reputation for never backing down on a case. Fighting vigorously for client rights, Employment Law Lawyer Hannemann is dedicated to obtaining favorable results in every case.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann and our Chino Sexual Harassment Law Firm have been providing aggressive and experienced representation in Southern California since 1993. Chino Employment Lawyer Hannemann gives clients personalized legal representation, never delegating clients to lesser-qualified associates. Our law firm keeps clients updated on all case developments while returning client communications such as phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

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Are you involved in a harassment dispute? If so, Chino Employment Lawyer and Sexual Harassment Lawyer Hannemann is ready to provide needed counsel and representation. No matter whether the situation involves inappropriate touching, explicit actions, distasteful comments, or other illegal behavior, Attorney Brian G. Hannemann is ready to fight for your rights. Contact us by dialing (909) 833-8999 to make an appointment for a no-charge consultation or fill out a Case Evaluation Form so we may review your information and get in touch with you.

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