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Claremont Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann

Claremont Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann provides experienced legal counsel and representation in harassment and workplace discrimination matters for individuals in Claremont, Los Angeles County, and Southern California.

Call (909) 980-7878 to reach our Claremont Sexual Harassment Law Firm and Employment Discrimination Attorney Brian Hannemann. Our sexual harassment law firm offers no-charge consultations and accepts most cases on contingency.Claremont Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann

Attorney Brian Hannemann is a Claremont sexual harassment attorney with over 20 years of experience protecting the interests of employees who have been the target of this type of harassment. Mr. Hannemann knows the emotional impact this unlawful behavior can have on the professional and personal life of an individual, and he therefore fights zealously to obtain justice for clients. Mr. Hannemann is a skilled negotiator and knowledgeable trial attorney with a record of obtaining high-value judgements and settlements.

In the event that harassment begins to occur at your place of work, please contact our employment law attorney. Claremont Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann tenaciously pursues the highest compensation possible for the mistreatment that has been inflicted upon employees.

What is Sexual Harassment?

The legal definition of sexual harassment is inclusive of a wide range of both perpetrators and conduct. This type of harassment can happen in any industry, and it may take the form of suggestive or obscene gestures, unwanted touching, sexual remarks, or other occurrences. Both men and women can be targets or instigators of harassment, and it can be perpetrated on individuals of the opposite or same sex.

The law requires employers to maintain an environment free of discrimination and harassment. Therefore, an employer can be held accountable in a financial and legal sense for the unlawful behavior of supervisors, managers, coworkers, independent contractors, directors, and vendors.

If you have suffered harassment of a sexual nature at your workplace, call Claremont Harassment Attorney Hannemann. Employment Discrimination Lawyer Brian Hannemann provides skilled representation and counsel to clients dealing with these issues. Lawyer Hannemann can explain the process of legal action against this kind of harassment and help you prepare for a successful pursuit of justice.

Help for Sexual Harassment Victims in Claremont, California

As an aggressive advocate for individuals who have been sexually harassed, Attorney Brian Hannemann believes no employee should have to deal with such misconduct. Claremont Harassment Attorney and Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Brian G. Hannemann can take decisive and immediate action against any employer or business of any size that is infringing on workers’ rights. Obtaining justice for victims of harassment is a priority for Mr. Hannemann.

Employment Attorney Hannemann is a Claremont Sexual Harassment Lawyer with a reputation for not backing down in a harassment case. Fighting aggressively for clients, Attorney Hannemann is able to obtain favorable results.

Our Claremont Sexual Harassment Law Firm has been serving clients since 1993. Employment Law Lawyer and Sexual Harassment Attorney Brian G. Hannemann provides individualized legal representation and does not turn his clients over to lesser-qualified associates. The goal that Attorney Hannemann and our sexual harassment law firm work towards is to obtain the best possible settlement or judgement so justice is served and the client can move forward after the harassment dispute. We respect our clients’ time by providing updates on any case developments and by returning client phone calls and emails in a prompt manner.

Contact an Experienced Claremont Sexual Harassment Attorney

Whether you have experienced distasteful comments, inappropriate touching, explicit actions, or other unlawful conduct at your workplace, Claremont Employment Lawyer and Sexual Harassment Lawyer Brian Hannemann may be able to help you. Please call us at (909) 980-7878 to make an appointment for a no-fee consultation. Or you may submit an online case evaluation form, and we will get in touch with you after reviewing your case.