Welcome to the Law Office of Hesperia Attorney Brian Hannemann. Mr. Hannemann possesses extensive experience fighting zealously on behalf of the victims of Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment is degrading and frightening, often resulting in its victims feeling helpless, and the devastating emotional impact can be long lasting.

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Sexual Harassment is broadly defined and includes a wide variety of conduct, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments to sexual assault. Acts of Sexual Harassment may be committed by those of both genders, and the perpetrators may be either male or female. The sexual harasser and victim may also be of the same gender.

In addition to co-workers, supervisors, managers and directors, third party vendors and independent contractors may also carry out acts of Sexual Harassment for which the victim’s employer may be held accountable.

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The Hannemann Law Firm is a sexual harassment law firm that accepts these matters on a contingency fee basis. No attorney fees will be due until we recover a settlement or judgment in your case.

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